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Culture The Gambia has a population of over 1.3 million people belonging to eight ethnic groups as well as fairly large communities from neighbouring West African countries.

The River Gambia has always attracted visitors to its magnificent estuary, and its meandering waterways, and is home to a rich variety of birds, fish and mammals. Making it an ideal place to explore and more>>>

There are about 560 different species of birds in The Gambia living within six protected areas aggregating about 40,000 hectares nationwide, under the protection of the Department of Parks and Wildlife. read more >>>

The river, which meanders with The Gambia from the west of the Atlantic into the east, cutting the country into two halves, carries with it a rich variety of fish, as does the vast ocean of the Atlantic which surrounds the capital city Banjul.
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Quick Facts

The Gambia has unique qualities over many other destinations. It is only six hours away from major European destinations, -

there is no jet lag, and it is a popular and affordable winter destination attracting tourists in search of sun, sea, sand and cultural experience of which this unique country has plenty.

West Africa The smallest country on mainland Africa Capital: Banjul
Land Area: 11,295 (4361 Sq. Miles)

1.5 million Climate: Pleasant sub-tropical climate with two distinct seasons Timezone: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
Currency: Dalasi (GMD) Pronounced (DA-LA-SI)

He never forgot his roots, and fought for his freedom, and those that followed after him. Although he was a slave, he was born a free man, and in spirit died a free person. His legend was brought to life by his great, great, great grandson Alex Hailey. read more >>>

Islam about 85 % of the population Christianity and African Traditional Religions (ATR) 15% Official Language: English Local

Mandinka, Wollof, Fula, Jola, Sarahule, Serere, Manjango, Creole (Aku or pigeon English, broken English).
French is taught in some secondary and high schools and some of the staff in hotels,restaurants-

and excursion agencies speak other European languages such as German, Italian, Dutch, French and the Scandinavian languages.